Increased use of Catalan music Tv3

Thanks to the agreement between the Catalan Broadcasting Corporation – CCMA and the Association of Phonographic and Videographic Producers and Publishers of Catalunya – APECAT whose aim is to improve the presence of the Catalan musical productions in our Public Television´s emissions, a significant improvement was observed in the presence of Catalan music in TVC´s programs.

In a comparative analysis of the presence of Catalan music productions there was a dramatic increase in both the number of songs in Catalan synchronized for TVC´s series as in the total seconds of music produced in Catalonia used by the public broadcaster´s series.

As for the rest of TVC´s programs, during 2014 the magazine “Divendres”, presented by Xavi Coral and Espartac Peran had 75 musical performances by APECAT artists and 76% of the performers where Catalan artists.

During 2014 the morning show “Els matins” hosted by Lídia Heredia and Helena Garcia Melero, included 121 musical performances by APECAT´s companies´ artists, with a total of 80% of all performances being by Catalan artists. In 2015 this figure is still around 80%.

As for the presence in TV3´s News, also broadcast on Canal 33 and 324, during the 2014 a third of the cultural inforamtion was of musical content, 73% of which concerned Catalan artists.

Similarly, the presence of Catalan Music videos was approximately 78.5% and 65% Tv3 and CS33-33D respectively. However, it is this association´s will to improve the airplay times of these videos in the future.

Though our struggle is and will continue to be an improvement over these figures, it is obvious that today we can congratulate ourselves for the good health of music produced in Catalonia and the growing complicity of the media we hold dearest.