About us


Founded in December 2003, APECAT is a nonprofit association representing the interests of producers and publishers of the Catalan record industry.
The mission of APECAT is to contribute to the consolidation and stability of the phonographic and videographic sector in Catalonia and, where possible, to encourage the use our partners´ catalogues, the presence of their productions in the media and the use of the Catalan language in music creation whenever possible.


APECAT represents approximately 90% of the Catalan music industry.


APECAT´s members are physical or legal entities, producers and/or music publishers of music and audiovisual content operating in Catalonia or other Catalan-speaking territories.
They represent the heart of the organization and, together, they give life to the general assembly.


General Assembly of all members.
Elected Board of Directors:
Felix Buget (Blanco y Negro) – Chairman
Oriol Orfila (Divucsa) – Vice President
Marçal Lladó (Bankrobber) – Secretary
Ester Roca (Tritó) – Treasurer
Joan Carles Doval (Picap) – Vocal
Salvador Cufí (Musica Global Discogràfica) – Vocal
Jose Manuel Gonzalez (Metanetwork) – Vocal


Potential members
Local, national and European public institutions
Other associations representing the music industry
Private organizations linked to the musical and artistic activity in general (labels, audiovisual producers, advertising agencies, etc…)
The media
Music fans in general

Objectives and activities

Consolidation of the corporate identity
Dialogue with the administration
Provide services to members
Advice on funding and grants
Transmission and disclosure of relevant information about the industry
Open new windows to the affiliate labels´ catalogues
Promote incentives for commercial activity
Presence in national and international fairs
Increase our members´ network of professional relations
Organize training workshops, forums and seminars